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Again...260cc or 300cc?
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Posted 6/7/2006 08:54 (#41314)
Subject: Again...260cc or 300cc?

A Cup Member

Posts: 9

Hi guys,

I guess this is again, one of the usual questions that lots of girls ask but Im really confused. Im 1m62 and weight 46 kg, a typical asian girl. Im a 32aa. I would like to become a full 32B/Small 32C. My surgeon originally recommend 300cc (he said I could choose between 260 and 340cc). When I tried the 300cc implant, I thought it was a bit big for me so I decided to go for 260cc. However, as the implant will go under the musle, the chance it will become smaller than it actually looks like is high. I thought I will go for something in the middle (280cc). Unfortunately, there isnt 280 size so I either go for 300 or 260. coordinator suggessted me to go bigger (300) which (if you really think about it), 40cc doenst make that big different, right? Im really not sure, im thinking to go for 300cc now but not sure whether its too big for me? I dont want to regret that I should have gone bigger after the post-op though. And what size do you guys think 300cc will make me become? Could anybody give me a suggestion? MY surgery will be this Sunday...(damn cup final and Italy plays )

Thanks in advance for any comments.


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Posted 6/7/2006 10:45 (#41322 - in reply to #41314)
Subject: Re: Again...260cc or 300cc?

B Cup Member

Posts: 43
Hi Windolina, I would go with what your surgeon thinks best for you. Everybody is different and nobody can give you 100% answer as to what size you will end up.In my opinion 300cc would probably take you to a full C cup at least.I have a much larger frame than you and had 380cc overs and was AA cup and now im a small D cup.If you want to be full B/small C cup then I would have thought you would get that result from the 260cc even if they are unders.
Good luck with whatever you decide and hope you have a speedy recovery!
Linzi x
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Posted 7/7/2006 12:53 (#41387 - in reply to #41314)
Subject: Re: Again...260cc or 300cc?

A Cup Member

Posts: 9

Hi Linzi,

Thanks a lot for your advice. I might go for my surgeon advice: 300cc. Looking at the projection and diameter of both sizes, I really think there is no big difference. The difference may be the weight but hopfully I will get used to it.

thanks again for your advice.

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Posted 8/7/2006 16:46 (#41422 - in reply to #41387)
Subject: Re: Again...260cc or 300cc?

B Cup Member

Posts: 21
Hi. I felt the need to answer you before your operation tomorrow as i have pretty much the same frame as you. I am a size 8 and a 32 inch back. Was a 32 A. I was also questionning the size and in the end i went for 260 as opposed to 280 which my surgeon reccommended.

I am very happy with the size I chose as i am now a 32 C and had the very painful under the muscle in through under the arm 6 weeks ago. It depends whether you want to look out of proportion or not. By that i mean my boobs look very ample for my frame without a bra so i would not recommend 300 if you are a slight frame & you want to look more natural in tops and bras.

Up to you :-) Good luck for Sunday and i wish you a speedy recovery. Any q's just ask!
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Posted 11/7/2006 20:01 (#41588 - in reply to #41314)
Subject: Re: Again...260cc or 300cc?

A Cup Member

Posts: 9

Hi Rlunn78,

I finally decided to go for 260cc. I have discussed with my partner in advance and we both thought we are gonna have 300cc. But on the day of surgery, we had a talk with the doc and he said (he is french), 260 will make me more natural and make me a full B/small C. I go for 260 low profile instead of 300cc high prifle, it was a bit of misunderstanding due to the size/projection/diameter but I just trust my doc so much that I think he is right. My breast right now looks more like a small C/full B. Im not sure when the swollen has gone, which size im gonna end up with? My nurse said the swollen will only change the size of the braest but the size will roughly stay the same. I hope so coz I don't want to end up having a Large A.....i like the size of my breast now but im not sure what to expect in the next few weeks? Do the szie change that much? My partner wants me to have a C, I decided to have more natural boobs so I go for 260..He will become upset if the results turn out to be large A/small C...its fo funny my situation.

thank rulunn 78 for your advice, I think I went for the right decision anyway. I want to look nice and can fill clothes with some boob but I definetely don't want to look hot. Hopefully the size will be full B. hehe..

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Posted 12/7/2006 12:06 (#41617 - in reply to #41588)
Subject: Re: Again...260cc or 300cc?

EE Cup Member

Posts: 403
Location: midlands
Hi Windoline

congrats on your op !

I just wanted to say that if you're husband will by upset if you're not a C cup - tough thats his problem.

Im sure my husband would like me to be double FF that doesn't mean i do it. I wanted to be a C and i got a C, originally i thought i was an A and i was very disappointed. But it turns out of been wearing a band size that was too big so that meant i needed a bigger cup size.

Best thing to do is give it a few weeks, wait till your banadages are off and go and get measured properly that will give an idea of what size you are.

As for your hubby im sure he will be pleased no matter what size they are, if hes not - thats another problem all together.

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