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Are large areolas on small breats unattractive???
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Posted 7/8/2009 18:09 (#66542)
Subject: Are large areolas on small breats unattractive???

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im 19 and 12 weeks pregnant with my bf that ive been with for 21 months and although my bf doesnt think theyre all that awful i think my breasts are just disgusting im like a 34/36b, theyre oddly shaped, and my areolas are huge theyre like 3 1/2 inches wide and long and take up about half of my breast, i am honestly surprised that my bf didnt run away and scream in terror the first time i finally after almost a year let him see my breasts, expecially after his last gf of a year and a half who was beautiful and blonde with beautiful large c/small d cups, well anyways i just feel like its not fair that he is stuck with me and my hideous boobs forever he deserves so much better than me, and ive tried looking up forums to see if other women have the same problem and i havent really found much, theres a lot of women that complain about their large breasts and large areolas but not many women seem to have very small ones with large areolas, and i just feel like a deformed alien freak and what if i have a daughter with the same embarrassing problem that i have? and its so embarrasing being around my family because my aunt, mom, and younger sister all have c/d cups and they talk about me behind my back and make fun of me and they throw their big bras at me with a post it attatched saying "you wish" so i pretty much live with my bf now since ive been mentally abused by them, i just wish i could change myself, ive even cut myself on my breasts when i was 16/17 i was mad because i had grown to a 38b and had nice cleavage then all of a sudden i freaking swear my boobs shrunk over night idk what the hell happened but i just hate them, even my family noticed and again was being made fun of by my sister and mom, i know i should be happyer im away from the evil brats and i have a loving bf and a baby on the way but i just cant shake this hate i have towards myself and my breasts, but are there any women out there who have this problem? and are there guys who find this disgusting as i do? or find it attractive in any way??
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Posted 8/8/2009 00:23 (#66544 - in reply to #66542)
Subject: Re: Are large areolas on small breats unattractive???

G Cup Member

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Location: Colorado
Please don't get obsessed with what you imagine someone else thinks about your body and your breasts. Chances are you are much, much more critical than your boyfriend is. It's extremely unlikely that your breasts will make or break things, either. Personally speaking, that has never remotely been my area of concern. I value how well the girlfriend and I get along and how into each other we are, not the standards of what perfect beauty should be.

And though I do find women with large breasts attractive, I couldn't care less about whether or not my particular girlfriend has them. In the end, they are nice and then you move on to other things, if you get my drift? It's the OTHER things that are important.

Now relax and try to enjoy your relationship without self-destructing.
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Posted 8/8/2009 03:47 (#66546 - in reply to #66542)
Subject: RE: Are large areolas on small breats unattractive???

Community Moderator

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Location: Midwest, USA
It sounds to me like you have your priorities in the wrong order. First, you should be happy that you are going to be a mother with a healthy baby on the way, and that you have a bf who seems to want to be with you and start a family with you. It seems you are the only one who has an issue with how you look, not your bf. But then, when we look at how your own flesh and blood sister and mother treated you over and over again, I can see why you feel so negative about your body. Just about all of us who have had children have seen strange things happen to our bodies. Sometimes it is a permanent change while other changes are only temporary. One of my permanent changes that I experienced with my two pregnancies was my breast size increased several cup sizes. My areolas and nipples also became extremely large. Other women may see there nice figure permanently changed and not for the better when they have children. No one knows for sure how our body will react when we become pregnant. I just have a hard time believing that your own mother would make fun of your breasts. Sisters can be nasty at times to their siblings but I think you may be blowing what they say out of proportion. In any case, your priority should not be on how large your areolas are or how small your breasts are or whether your bf will be interested in you due to how your boobs look, but on concentrating on preparing for motherhood. You are a healthy individual and be thankful your breasts are healthy. Believe me, when it comes time for delivery, the last thing that will be on your mind is your att-itude about the size of your boobs or areolas.
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Posted 8/8/2009 06:16 (#66547 - in reply to #66542)
Subject: Re: Are large areolas on small breats unattractive???

C Cup Member

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Location: The colonies, lol
Hey, aLi
Don't worry so much.
I read a poll that said 55% of men prefer large areolas over small.

Congratulations on your baby.
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Posted 19/8/2009 23:16 (#66756 - in reply to #66542)
Subject: Re: Are large areolas on small breats unattractive???

B Cup Member

Posts: 28
some guys like them, others don't, but i think you would be surprised to find out how many do like them....or they are indifferent. "You are your own worst critic" applies to much more than just artists. Be happy with what you have, it's not like you can really change it. You have a child on the way, and i'm sure that will change your breasts and hopefully, in your perspective, for the better. Dina's right about getting your priorities straight. Your bf has already "passed the test" and he should be the only other one it should matter to.
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Posted 30/8/2009 14:10 (#66854 - in reply to #66542)
Subject: Re: Are large areolas on small breats unattractive???

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Be appre***ive to your body, because it is yours and yours only. All fingers are not of the same length for a reason.
A large areola on small breast is as beautiful as that on big breast. Besides, who judges what is normal and what is not
normal. After brestfeeding your baby, your breast is going to increase in size anyway. Just make sure it does't sag.
That's what I think is important. Every woman loves to see her breasts "standing" and not drooping.
Cheer up girl, your breasts are BEAUTIFUL!
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Posted 31/8/2009 12:45 (#66858 - in reply to #66542)
Subject: Re: Are large areolas on small breats unattractive???

D Cup Member

Posts: 151
According to my hubby, they're GREAT! (at least, that's what he thinks about mine)
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